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Military Nuclear Mess: Out of Sight, Out of Mind? -- Nov. 29, 1998
Worldwide, the problem of radioactive military waste is reaching catastrophic proportions. The Waste Isolation Pilot Program in New Mexico is...

Conflict Inc.: Selling the Art of War -- Dec. 7, 1997 
Numerous private companies have stepped into the power vacuum created by the end of the Cold War who are willing to undertake military...

The Cost of NATO Expansion -- Nov. 2, 1997 
By some accounts bringing new NATO members up to alliance standards will cost $150 Billion in new weapons, training and infrastructure... 

$67 Billion Under the Sea -- Oct. 19, 1997 
The Pentagon plans to spend $67 Billion to buy new attack submarines to replace its current Los Angeles class attack submarine...

Marketing Tomorrow's Weapons -- Sept. 28, 1997 
Defense contractors pour vast sums of money and advertising resources into convincing Congress to vote for new weapons... 

Selling the F-22 Fighter -- May 11, 1997 
An interesting look at the controversies surrounding the F-22 fighter jet program. How has a Cold War era fighter jet been...

Nuclear Power Plants or Nuclear Weapons? -- Feb. 16, 1997
Nuclear power has long been a controversial method of meeting the world's energy needs. Seldom considered, however, is the potential for...

Military Spending: Good or Bad for Business? -- Dec. 8, 1996 
A look at how federal spending, military spending and attempts to balance the budget impact our economy and the future security... 

Restructuring Defense Industry -- Sept. 1, 1996
What lessons can the post-WWII era teach us about making the transition from America's large Cold Wat military industrial complex... 

Selling Our Jobs -- May 14, 1995 
The lucrative contracts to sell U.S.-made weapons do not result in an overall benefit to the U.S. economy. The costs and the devastation...

Managing America's Nuclear Complex -- Aug 13, 1995 
What does the future hold for America's nuclear weapons production complex? What will become of the nation's nuclear weapons laboratories?

Defense Jobs at the Economy's Expense? -- Oct. 23, 1995 
Is America stronger if it invests in weapons of debatable military use or invest in domestic areas such as education, infrastructure and...

Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and Taiwan -- Nov. 28, 1993 
Two controversial sales of warplanes: MacDonnell Douglas' sale to Saudi Arabia and Lockheed's to Taiwan...

The Military and American Society -- Aug. 15, 1993 
The military is a society within a society. This provocative program reveals how the military's values, privileges and prestige are faring...

Protectors or Polluters? -- June 27, 1993 
The U.S. military, its allies, and its adversaries polluted the environment. How much will the clean-up cost?

The F-22 Controversy -- June 13, 1993 
It could cost $100 Billion just to develop and manufacture this futuristic fighter plane. Do we need it?

Arms Merchant for the World -- May 30, 1993 
The U.S. became Number One arms merchant to the Middle East, and the world. Despite Clinton's talk, the flow of weapons continues unabated...

The Hidden Costs of the Military -- May 23, 1993 
The costs of a modern military establishment include land rendered useless, resources consumed and human talent diverted from productive activities...

Weapons the Pentagon Doesn't Want -- Dec. 27, 1992 
What do you get when Congress makes the Pentagon buy weapons it doesn't want? Answer: a few jobs and a lot of waste...

The Seawolf and our Cities -- Aug. 16, 1992 
Congress and General Dynamics are building a submarine the Navy doesn't want while American cities struggle...

Selling Weapons -- Aug. 9, 1992 
It's one of the biggest industries in America today. Not selling soft drinks, cars or cigarettes, but selling weapons of war... 

How Much is Enough? -- March 22, 1992 
The Pentagon continues to spend at Cold War levels. Experts debate how much the U.S. should be spending in a changed world...

Can America Afford Peace? -- March 8, 1992 
America's economic prospects, with declining military spending, and the possibility of building a "peace economy"...