Clinical Tests, Medical Examination
Health Check Up  for Successful Applicants of 
Singapore Work Permit, WP,  
S Pass
Employment Pass, EP,  LTA Driver Licence
Student Pass,  STP,
 Miscellaneous Work Pass,  
Performing Artiste WP
Dependent Pass, DEP
Long-Term Visit Pass, LTP, LTP+
and  Singapore Permanent Residence. PR
Fit to Work Pre-employment Medical for SC & SPR

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Normal Full Medical P
ackage is S$50 
cash or Nets payment. One Stop Service

Medicals all done in Peace Centre  in the City 
Open 9am to 4pm Weekdays Lunch break 12pm to 2pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & PH
Doctor, X-Ray Centre & Clinical Lab registered
 approved by relevant SG Government Authorities 
Medical Reports comply with MOM / ICA requirements
By appointments only. Walk-in temporarily suspended
Filmo Serving Clients in Singapore since 1986
In view of Covid-19 MOH, ICA & MOM guidelines & directives will be followed
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  Student Pass Medical Form
Work Permit Medical Form
SPR & LTP Medical Form


我们 FILMO 安排 : 新加坡 ICA 长期通行证体检 | 新加坡 ICA 
永久居民的医疗检查 | 新加坡人力部工作证的体检
医生、 X 光和验血都在同一个地点 | 开放时间周一至周五 9 点到 
4 点 | 周六 星期日及公众假期:休息
新加坡元 50 下 1 至 2 天内报告 | 当天的结果必须是由新加坡 
100 星期一至星期五上午 0830
电子邮件: 或联系 65-98365486 建
安大厦 01-44

Direction to Peace Centre

Applicants for MOM work passes or for renewal of work passes or for ICA LTP, SPR, STP  are required to undergo a medical examination, which  includes a general physical medical examination, a chest x-ray and a test for the AIDS-causing 
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). 

Since 1 March 2000, the medical examination requirement is extended to foreigners who applied and obtained in-principle approval for MOM work passes of six months’ duration or more or ICA STP, LTVP  of 6 months or more and Permanent Residence (PR) 

Those applicants who are found to have active Tuberculosis or HIV infection will not be granted work permits, employment passes, long-term social visit passes or PR.

Applicants who have been granted in-principle approval will be informed and given a copy of the prescript medical examination form. They are required to bring along the medical examination forms & IPA letter when they visit a registered general practitioner in Singapore for the medical examination.

Upon receipt of the medical fitness report  the applicant should submit online or in person as required to Work Pass Division of MOM or Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) the original medical report together with the in-principle approval letter. E-Issuance of the Work Permit, S Pass, Employment Pass, Misc Work Pass, Performing Artiste WP, Student pass, LTVP immigration passes or SPR will be subject to the outcome of the medical report.

For new International Students under Student Pass issued by ICA the doctor must record and certify the results of the medical examination in the designated medical report form. The medical report should not be issued more than 3 months from the submission date of your application or renewal.  (The above requirement is not applicable to Student Pass applicants who 
are below 15 years old.)

 The medical or lab test will be done in accordance with the prescribed requirements as stated in the pre-printed mom or ica medical form or MOM or ICA IPA Letter. 

The fee payable is a package fee, including
where applicable the Xray  or Blood Tests or both.  The fee for full normal Medical Exam (MOM/ICA requirement) is S$50 in cash payment  

For extremely Urgent same day medical exam report  we can only accept appointments during weekdays by 0830am for 4 pm report on same day and the cost is $100

For WP renewals 1-2 tests our fee is $40 or $50 for 3-4 tests
A single official Receipt for cash payment made will be issued by FILMO only. No fasting or special preparation required for the medical but for female Work Permit holders & female STP 
holders it is advisable to drink plenty of water before coming as urine test is normally part of the medical tests / examination. 

For pregnant females no x-ray will be done but a pregnancy test may be done to confirm this status.  If you have pre existing medical conditions e.g. High Blood Pressure please ensure that your BP is under control before coming over. If you have
been cured of TB but still bear tissue scarring please 
get your X-Ray done at SATA or the TB Control Unit of 
TTSH before coming over. 

The whole process takes about 30-60 minutes. 
Additional charge of $40 For Hepa A, $30 for Hepa B & $60 for Hepa C tests if required.   Extra charge $35 for those on WP (e.g. over 50 years or Thai workers) requiring ECG test.  When you come,  
please bring passport, the MOM / ICA Approval Letter, 
Medical Form to FILMO @ 1 Sophia Road, ground floor unit 01- 44 Peace Centre, S228149 

The Medical Report signed by the Singapore registered doctor would only be released on time if there are no Medical issues with the Blood test or Xray. 
ICA / MOM Health Screening Info
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