Employment Pass,  S Pass & Work Permits needed to work in Singapore

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From 1 Jan 2012, the qualifying salary for the Q1 Pass will be increased from $2,800 to $3,000,
together with a tightening of educational qualifications. The qualifying salary for the P2 Pass
will be raised from $4,000 to $4,500. There will be no change in the qualifying salary for P1
Pass which remains at $8,000.

Employment Pass

The Employment Pass allows foreign professionals to work in Singapore. It applies to foreigners
who earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $3300 , and have recognised qualifications. Employers
must make applications for Employment Passes on behalf of a job candidate. Any change of employer
will require a new application.

EPholder: 115,000 in 2009; 142,000 in 2010; 176,000 in 2011; 173,800 in 2012

Click here for updated information http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/employment-pass/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is for certain group of existing Employment Pass holders
and overseas foreign professionals. Unlike an Employment Pass, which must be cancelled when the
pass holder leaves the employer, the PEP is not tied to the employer and is granted on the
strength of the applicantís merit. A PEP holder can remain in Singapore for up to six months
between jobs to evaluate new employment opportunities.

Click here for updated information http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/personalised-employment/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx


Foreign entrepreneurs who would like to start businesses in Singapore should apply for the

Click here for updated information http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/entrepass/before-you-apply/pages/default.aspx

Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate

The Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) allows foreigners to stay in Singapore
for up to one year to facilitate their job search in Singapore. It is not a work pass and
does not allow the holder to work. This Pass in no longer issued from 1/1/12

S Pass

The S Pass allows mid-level skilled foreigners who earn a fixed monthly salary of at least
$2,200 to work in Singapore. Employers must make S Pass applications on behalf of a job candidate.

S Pass applications are assessed on multiple criteria including salary, education qualification,
skills, job type and work experience.

From 1 July 2013, the following changes will apply to all sectors:
Increase in qualifying salaries for S Passes from $2,000 to $2,200
Progressive increase in levy rates for S Pass and Work Permit holders
Change in monthly salary threshold from $850 to $1,000 for locals to be considered full-time employees

SP Holders: 82,000 in 2009; 98,000 in 2010; 113,000 in 2011; 142,400 in 2012

Click here for updated information  http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/s-pass/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

Work Permit

A Work Permit (WP) is generally issued to foreign unskilled workers.

The duration of a Work Permit is generally two years, subject to the validity of the workerís
passport, the Bankerís/Insurance Guarantee, and the workerís employment period, whichever is
shorter. The worker is only allowed to work for the employer and in the specified occupation.

Specific variants of Work Permits allow foreigners to work as domestic helpers, confinement
nannies and performing artistes.

The minimum age for all non-domestic foreign workers is 18 years old. To apply for a Work Permit, 
Malaysians must be below 58 years old while non-Malaysians must be below 50 years old.

WP Holder 871,200 in 2010; 908,600 in 2011; 952,100 in 2012

Click here for updated information  http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/work-permit-fw/before-you-apply/Pages/overview.aspx

Dependant's Pass

S Pass applicants whose fixed monthly salary is at least $4,000 a month may apply for the Dependant's Pass (DP) for their 
spouse or unmarried/legally adopted children under 21 years of age.

Click here For updated information http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/dependant-pass/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

Long Term Visit Pass

Employment Pass holders (P1, P2) can apply for Long Term Visit Passes for their common-law
spouse, unmarried daughters above 21 years of age, parents, parents-in-law, step-children under
21 years of age or handicapped children above 21 years of age.

Click here for updated information  http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/long-term-visit/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

Short-term passes Miscellaneous Work Pass

The Miscellaneous Work Pass is for foreigners working in Singapore on short-term assignments
that fall into certain specific activity categories.

Click here for updated information  http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/miscellaneous-work/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

Work Permit for Performing Artistes

This work pass is for foreign artistes performing at any Public Entertainment Licenced bar,
discotheque, lounge, night club, pub, hotel, private club or restaurant for a maximum of six

Click here for updated information  http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/work-permit-artiste/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

For students & foreigners undergoing training

Foreign students in Singapore are not allowed to work during term time or vacation time unless
they are granted Work Pass exemption. The Training Work Permit, the Training Employment Pass
or the Work Holiday Programme must be applied for foreign students who wish to take up any work

Work Holiday Programme

The Work Holiday Programme (WHP) allows foreign university students and recent graduates, between
17 to 30 years old, to come to Singapore to live and work for up to six months.

Click here for updated information  http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/work-holiday-programme/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

Training Employment Pass

Foreigners undergoing practical training attachments for professional, managerial, executive or
specialist jobs in Singapore should apply for a Training Employment Pass. EAs are not allowed to handle this category.

Click here for updated information http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/training-employment/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

Training Work Permit

The Training Work Permit allows unskilled or semi-skilled foreign trainees undergoing practical
training in Singapore to work for up to six months. EAs are not allowed to handle this category.

Click here for updated information http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/training-work-permit/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

For Long Term Visit Pass Plus holders, Long Term Visit Pass holders who wish to work in Singapore
should apply for a Work Pass . For Long Term Visit Pass holders accompanying their children studying in Singapore, they are not
be allowed to hold a work pass during their first year in Singapore. After the first year, they will be allowed to hold a work pass, and be employed in Singapore.

Click ere for updated information  http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/Pages/employment-of-long-term-visit-pass-holders.aspx

Source: www.mom.gov.sg