WENLIN Software for learning Chinese

Record number of people world wide are studying Chinese.
About 100,000 foreign students come to China every year to
study the Chinese Language with another 30 million more
people around the world trying to master the language.
In 2004 110,844 foreign students from 178 countries enrolled
at Chinese Universities. China's growing business & tourism
potentials are key reasons for the huge number of students
taking up Mandarin.

Wenlin is a versatile and easy-to-use interface. This software  
combines a large, fast Chinese dictionary, a full-featured text 
editor, and a unique flash card system in one intuitive 
environment.  Learning Chinese Mandarin is made that much
 easier!  Wenlin is ideal for study, travel, business, or use of 
the internet. It is a useful tool for both beginner & advanced
students. Even professional translators benefit from it's usage.

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Suggested Retail Price for Wenlin 4.1.1 (CD + Download)
US$$119 + US$ air shipping
Domestic orders will be shipped
via USPS Priority at a cost of $10 for the first unit and $3 per
unit thereafter; Canadian orders will be shipped via USPS
International at a cost of $15 for the first unit and $3/unit
thereafter; International orders will be shipped via USPS
International at a cost of $20 for the first unit and $5/unit





Wenlin supplied through Filmo in Singapore

The Wenlin CD-ROM runs on both MS-Windows and Macintosh computers. The version available on CD-ROM is Wenlin 4.0. Once you have installed Wenlin 3.0 on your computer using the CD-ROM, you can download and install the upgrades

Details of Pricing can be viewed at http://wenlinshangdian.com



Wenlin® Software for Learning Chinese

Product Information:


Wenlin releases major upgrade (4.0)

January 31, 2011 at 7:04 pm · Filed under Chinese, Chinese characters, Classical Chinese, computers, dictionary, English, Hanyu, John DeFrancis, languages, Mandarin, philology, pinyin, romanization, software, teach Chinese, tone marks

Wenlin logo One of my favorite programs, Wenlin (which bills itself as “software for learning Chinese”), has just released a major upgrade for both Mac and Windows versions. This doesn’t happen often; it has been three-and-a-half years since the most recent big change was issued (Wenlin 3.4) and heaven only knows how long since 3.0 came out. So, yes, this release has many substantial improvements.

One of the features nearest and dearest to my heart is that Wenlin 4.0 features greatly improved handling of Pinyin . I was among the field testers for the new version, so I’ve already spent a lot of time examining this feature. Here are a few important aspects of this:

There are, of course, many improvements beyond the area of Pinyin. Here are a few:

The full version (i.e., the CD with the program comes in a box and is likely packaged with a hard copy of the manual) is US$199, or US$179 if you download it from the Wenlin Web store. Upgrades from 3.x cost US$49.

For more information, see the summary of features and outline of what’s new in Wenlin 4.0.

screenshot from Wenlin 4.0 -- click for larger version