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MOM "S"  WORK PASS for Middle Level Skilled Manpower started on 1st July 2004. According to 29/03/09 ST report the number of SPass  granted by MOM are as follows: 2006 = 25,000,  2007 = 74,000. The ST of 23/02/2010 gave the figure as at Dec 2009 as 82,000 S Pass holders.

MOM 'S' work pass replaced the former Q2 pass since 1st July 2004. The objective of the S pass is to increase the flexibility and responsiveness of MOM's foreign manpower policy to meet industries' needs for middle level skilled manpower.

Applicants for the new S pass will be assessed on a points system which will take into account multiple criteria, including minimum salary of S$1800 a month, education qualifications, skills, work experience, job type ( such as associate professionals and technicians ) , etc. S pass holders with $2,500 basic monthly salary will be given dependent privileges.

Permit Dependency Ceilings (DCs)

The S-pass is neither an EP nor WP. It is a new work pass category. The points system is made up of 4 main categories, namely, salary, educational qualifications, number of years of work experience and job type (i.e. whether you are a professional or specialist, etc). Applicants chalk up points based on how far they meet the criteria. The points allocated for each category of criteria will vary over time in depending on market conditions.

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There will be no source controls, no maximum duration of employment in Singapore, and no maximum age of employment (subject to existing retirement age of 62 ).   No pregnancy test is required for female S Pass holders . The validity of the S-pass is 1-2 years for first-time applications & renewable for 1-3 years thereafter. Renewal is subject to evaluation by MOM . The S Pass form is combined with the EP Application Form 8. Click here for EPONLINE

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